Free like a Bird

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi

Ugh- the sigh of fear

As it is, every piece it’s near,

Buying the grail

But acting like a snail

Heart beating faster likes a Snare,

To the beautiful mare

That is to fly in full glare


free like a bird.jpg

Thought failing

As the sack is not sailing,

Through the pace of recession

And my life in depression

Of not helping the dream, dreamt.

Wings klept, Peck peg,

Like a bounce check.

With gory sight of silence

Imperfect and incomplete,

for failing my quota.

Blessed is my pocket,

As I see the effect

Of an open voice of thought

Feelings and on

Since the truth stir to my face,

And my heart not at peace,

My bed not to sleep

For they have taken what belongs to me

Yay my voice

Once stolen now regained

As am free like a bird.


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