Oga Boss Syndrome

Is this bureaucracy?

Or all things are going crazy?

Is the hierarchy?

Or a situation of Anarchy?

Is this truly who they are?

Or there are woven in regalia of pretense?

Is the working system drowning?

Or we are all drowned?

Are they truly beast of the burden?

Or they are hard working?

Why is the entire project delayed?

till the chiefly chief is on his way.

Is this the rules guiding the due process?

Or the service is walloping in due nonsense?

When will my country have a working system?

Ha! Oga oh, what is future like for those coming, in due step?

Is it meeting, this corrupt set of people?

Who mismanaged and dance in the balcony of debris.we-live-in-a-world-full-of-people-who-are-satisfied-with-pretending-to-be-someone-they-are-not

With nothing to do,

But idle hands to pull,

Until the Chauffeur horns

And they sing the song of pretense,

Oga nbo, E pale Mo

With all document eaten with moth,

Offices, in point of collapse

Projects in web of spiders,

Well-dressed but in slippers

Gasping for breathe

With hot diaper

Running helter,skelter,

Proving the best master baker of nonsense,

Master of White Elephant project.


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