Am tired of writing

My faith weakens when the giant sleep walk.

My heart dampens when my letters are not read by those who it is meant.

My impatient grows by day when my words fail to run it race.

My snowflakes of joy melt when the leaders of today claim d’morow.


So how d’morow will,

When today fails

With everyman walloping in the joy of neglect,

Failing to hold on to the mantle.


But all they do is talk,

Talking with a failing work,

That has run the country amok

Forward turning backward.


Shame in respect for our fame,

Due to our corruptible state.

And our youth not ready to pay,

For our fathers’ mistake.miles-ian-everhart-cartoon


Forgetting we can’t have our cake

After we’ve eaten it baked.

Less we continue to wallop in this disgrace,

Of a giant in a terrible state.


Alas! I pray for the grace,

For I am in pain

As my country is failing and falling,

In same mistake.


Yay! I see the Moon glowing from the north,

Sun shining from the south,

Stars sparkling from the East,

And the cloud clement from West.


Thus, calling me to rise and speak forth,

With action

For am tired writing of our terrible state.

But take a part in my country’s fate.

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi


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