Like my American Friend

They post in the best of wool

But there belly ain’t full,

You see them from afar

And you wish you’re part

But they are torn apart


Like Sinwe Bansi,

Who wish for a better future?

But got nailed to the cross through apartheid

Leaving home in awe

Of a better future out there in the cold


Yet in a 20% of the beggar down here.

Sleeping all day,

Without a pay,

For no reason but being a Police dog,

Rattling in poverty of the white man’s rug


Living in penury of the dockyard thug,

Sharing pen with the white man’s dog

Friend, please come out clean,

Come out bold,

You are suffering,

The white man’s land is not a success,

But a distress.


Expensive shirt yet a renewed beggar…



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