The Sojourn of the Star


Like a mirror, we need to check,

Viewing our path and vet.

Many had run the race but fell

Due to the spiky road,

And its fruity enticement.


The sojourn of the gown is down

With many in town,

Walking aimless in frown;

Set back as their result

Of not being pick in the meritorious list

Of a great ivy college of the Emirate.An eastern Oregon starscape features Venus and, on the horizon, Mercury.


Here you are in full blue apparel of scholarship,

Not that you are better of them,

Or fate, faith has fail them.

Ugh! Look up the sky you are a star lucky to viewed up there.

Yes, you are a star,

But as it journeys it light down here,

same is the sojourn to success.


Needing a wit of a lioness,

A pack of lion,

A gentility of a dove

The strength of a cheetah

and a good wisdom of a tortoise

which knows the rule of being slow and protect it image when due.

For the journey is not for the wise, neither for the intelligent

But all for the principled and disciplined,

Who understands the rules of greatness through character and learning








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