Citadel of Nonsense

They share same knowledge

With no change from the fore father’s place

Appreciated quacks whose students are better off in no measure

Using the internet as an abode

Wikipedia as a source

Just to teach us nonsense

In that make shift palace called citadel

Rooting in face of deceit

Just to prove they have a face lift

And spending centuries in same place

Like a stagnant water in a situational space

They preach, it’s for the masses

But their fees are thorny to lowly grasses

Even the middle classes,

can’t think it

Alas, I wish they shuck off the best fruits

Yes, they do with regalia of half-baked graduatewaecl-600x333

Plunging the economy is same mess like our educated illiterate principals.

Who has made her a citadel of politics in all ramification

And academics, excellence in retrogression

No wonder they prosper in research of politics and practices

strained academics and crisis.

Grants and scholarship now the order of who I know

Backdrop of what I know.

What a great splendid citadel of nonsense

Where talents are all messed up

and rooted in distress of grade

First class in apparel of dunce and moose

to celebrate our gown

Albeit we won’t fail as a working system

when knowledge is reversal

and thinking in retrogressive

malpractices and celebration of mediocrities

cross-nailing of merit

Policies of worst to syphon moneyOAU new e-students

no wonder their product are glorified in scantily dress paraphernalia of our music videos

thugs in political scenario.

Product of loose

Why not think?

Why not work things out?

Even when things are bad

Why not set an example?

Even when you have bad examples around

Why not pick of the best?

And turn thing around

For your children and children to come

Or you lie wait and let the continuum of same practice

And your product produced in same citadel of nonsense.

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi


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