When love dwindles

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi

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I stood still drowning in the scenario of love

That I ask myself, what is it truly?

Feelings or being silly

I sleep through it

Dreaming am lost in this

Built or makeshift

But all, I still do

I love the sight I see

Even in anger and drip of tears speak of you

Affection drenched with your thought

That sleep went on an endless journey

Opening my eyes to the illumination

And never ending illusion of the mission

called “LOVE”

Shattering my hat of heart to piece

Playing my body and soul like dice

due to mystery of the chemistry that exist

dance of it music

tone of bye to solitary…

Hey! the great catechist

Why make me know the difference between love and hate?

Delusion that lies with their pain

Rocky and cocky situation that lies in their gate

for am lust with lost for love

That get stronger in anger

And deeper when love dwindles



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