Where is my trust?

Where is love?

Who took away my man?

Why wear him with the beastly clothing?

Oh, my love has sojourned to the world beyond

Where men are beast and the beast are men

Te’amo has gone on an endless journey

Pain has become the gain

Hate now the merriment

For an affection once shared

Gush now in shred

Ha, love at first sight

Now belt the next night

Pulp to the pop of the beat

Red eye as sign of love… for I am blushing

As I have been clothed blue and black

Cane of shame and disdain given.

I think I need to die

Kill me! kill me!

My love has run mad again

His patience has eloped with care

Disgrace has taken over with fear


All apart with dismal

Our young fruit now product of dispersal

Parceled all around like faith with fate

Flying light in the air

Ballooned up and down

Guard let loose and damn

Best to the worst

They have taken over the rest of the world

As red has turn blood.



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