Stripes in Red

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi

The beauty of white makes me crave

The shining glow of black makes me sane

Either which of this colours lie the sweetness of life

Soft, easy going but sometimes hard

but patience needed to handle

Or you turn the beauty and shine to blue and black of red.valentine-s-day-cupid-red

Equity and equality lead the race

If not cared leads to dead end

And the strong becomes the beast

Soft the least

Due to the grudges that makes Do or Mar

Sleeping away the first shared fruit

Preached by that great man up the white and blue abode

To cherish and honour

Not stupid act like moron

Playing insanity and naught

Trying to prove a point that is not

For his feelings of superiority

And urge as the commander of life


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