To my lovely lecturer on her day

Poet: Oso Olasunkanmi


She kicks sleep aside

To see me becoming great

She reads her way to confidence

To build mine

She tries to beat the time

Even when she is weak

Just to see me get strong and walk high to the top

Principled but soft spoken.

Yes, A woman in her prime

who teaches with love

Even in pain and joy, she smiles to build a man I am trying to become

Mentoring me through the rough terrain of academics

And testing my ability to stand the test of time.

I wish I can write a long epistle to show my appreciation

But this would do no justice.

I wish I can sing like the Nightingale

But my voice is failing me.

I called on the great supreme being

Surprisingly he granted my request

That your tomorrow be great than your today

Your future best of your better tomorrow

Dreams coming to fulfilment

Greater you, more than you can imagine

All in sound mind and peace from above.

Finally, from me thanks for your time and impartation in my life

As I wish you a splendid birthday and many more you can ever dream of.


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